Everything is a Let Down: Living in a Super-Hype Culture

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You ever go to a certain restaurant because everybody is talking about how amazing the food is and you get there with your appetite ready to engage in the goodness. You order something off the menu and as you nibble you think to yourself – hmmm well it’s just alright. I really don’t see what people are talking about? Maybe it’s just me. I’m here to tell you today -nope! It’s not just you…it’s everybody playing their role in creating this over-hyped culture that we live in. From restaurant choices to the latest movie release to vacation destinations, and yes even to relationships everything in this world is over-hyped for what it really is! When are we going to stop over-hyping everything? Industries are built on this concept of marketing something to be bigger, better, more exciting than it’s competing product. And we fall for it every- single- time. Now we know that as soon as we get that new product, if we are lucky, we will have a glimmer of enjoyment with it. That’s if it didn’t arrive in our hands either broken, damaged or incorrect. After we have that moment in time with the product it’s quickly a matter of time when that initial excitement wanes and we are on to the next one. On a search for the next best hyped thing.

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As someone who has traveled extensively, I have seen this over-hyped sensation globally. I have structured travel plans around visiting certain world-renown landmarks and tourist attractions. Only to find out upon arrival what a let down and tourist trap it really was. While online research and reviews have helped refined my plans, it still has been a toss up as to whether or not that particular place lives up to its clout. I’ve often found places that were off the beat and path and lesser know to be of more value and enjoyment to those that have been venerated by most.

As I have just mentioned about using reviews to find your way can be helpful as they are (in theory) supposed to be designed to be the great equalizer to super-hypeness. Yet, as most of us have probably experienced – even searching through reams of reviews you still can’t trust in anything people say in those either. Whether it’s because someone is padding and fluffing up the written content because they are getting paid to do so or because a certain demographic (that may be opposite to your preferences) collectively esteems a place as such.

I honestly can count on one hand how many things I’ve heard hyped up and then when I went to see about it for myself actually lived up to the hype. I bet if you took a tally of all the things you heard were amazing that were not vs the things that were actually amazing the latter column would certainly pale in comparison to the former.

Switching gears here to one of the most overly hyped things in the world and that is being in a relationship with someone. Not a non-sexual friendship but one of romantic interest. In the words of Lexi Allen – I got two words for you – over hyped! I mean the amount of fantasy driven non-sense that is paraded by television and movies is just utterly ridiculous to me. I don’t know anyone who lives that way or does the outlandish things they hype up as “normal romantic love.” Relationships are NOT like that. Even culture’s push to “be in a relationship” to me is over-hyped. Yes I think there is a human need for interaction with people, but we’ve simply over-hyped relationships, marriage and having kids as this Disneyland experience. I know what some of you are thinking- I don’t even like Disney. I don’t like their parks, I can’t stand their movies, and I certainly can’t stand their fairy tales. Welp there you go- my point exactly! And to those who do- hand clap to you. No one’s taking your love for Disney away from you. Be free to spend your all your money, hopes and dreams there. It doesn’t make you more of a positive person than others who are just not feelin’ it.

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While we can certainly appreciate the wonderful little surprises in life that sneak up on us and cause a level of momentary enjoyment, I think it’s important to keep those moments at bay with a healthy level of perspective. Knowing that what excited you may not be excitable to others. Thus when someone asks you “how was it?” or “should I do it?” giving an honest answer couple with a disclaimer of “I liked it but you should see for yourself” is a great start to doing your part in dismantling the over-hyped culture that we live in. Let’s work together to not mislead others into uncharted territory without the tools for a balanced approach to their potential upcoming experience. It’s not being cynical – it’s just being real.

I really believe that everything is a let down and falls short of our dreams because the things in this life, including people, are not meant to be our ultimate fulfillment. Which is why things always fall short of expectation. While we can certainly experience temporary fulfillment in people and things, ultimately it is fleeting. Because we have an eternal destination….the temporal things in this life are not meant to be our lasting hope and source of fulfillment. Knowing this we can approach people and the things we engage with a healthy and balanced approached so as to not not seek from them any source of lasting satisfaction or life completion.

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