Financial Progress ….the Key to Social Identity?

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You’ve heard the saying: “You are how much you bring home”….well actually no…I haven’t heard this saying put quite like this but I’m sure someone out there has. Whether you’ve heard this euphemism or not, I’m most assured that at some form or fashion you’ve measured yourself and others in this manner. What I believe is that most of us do this unconsciously. Meaning, no matter how much we disagree with this financial benchmark stratagem we still base our worth and other peoples value based on their level of financial progress.

Oftentimes, we won’t even listen to anyone unless we see them “doing it” or have “done it.” We won’t take the life tips of a person whose life does not at least on the outside reflect financial success and stability. We elevate those who show a level of “progress” as the gurus we should all be listening to, because they obviously have figured it out.

Many of us, including myself, have progressed in tremendous ways in a multitude of areas except financially. So why then does the financial stagnation seem so weighted and still so important as it pertains to our identity, value and worth? Again, no matter how much we try and say to ourselves and others:“oh well I know my worth and I don’t base my life on my financial success”…we still at the very core have a slight inner ache regarding this matter. We often say to ourselves in a quiet whisper: “Why don’t I have the success I’ve worked so hard to achieve? Why does it seem like a large number of people I see seem to be progressing in this area and I’m not? 

If we are honest with ourselves, we do ask these questions and wonder what it is we can do to make this not be a part of our story.

Now if you’re wondering if I have the answer to solve this inner tension that most of us face…here’s the short answer to it: Um…no. What I do know is that the first step towards any kind of progression is self-awareness. Honestly recognizing the truth of how we feel about ourselves as it pertains to this dynamic and beginning the inner work there. Will this revelation of self-awareness change your external financial situation in this lifetime? Maybe. Maybe not. Can you end your life knowing that at the very least you tried to reconcile this inner tension and gain peace closer to where you started?

Oh yeah.

In fact, the chances of this happening are much greater than your financial situation changing for the better. But hey, life throws us a ton of surprises so you never know. So if you do in fact reach a more advantageous financial place in life, hopefully you will remember to keep even that “progress” at bay for what it is.

Just a moment in time.

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