The 2 & 3 Job Culture aka “The Jamaican Hustle”

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I got “tree jobs mon!” “TREE!”

Yeah not one, not two, but three jobs. That is the norm now-a-days. Many folks that I run into say that they have at least two jobs. For those who don’t work a traditional 9-5 job, they could have up to four side hustles going at the same time.

Is this your reality?

Does this sound pretty familiar for the folks that you run into also?

It does for me. I know many people who leave their standard 8-9 hour Monday through Friday job to head straight to their part time gig work at night. Some folks even put in laborious hours over the weekend, never even getting a day off to recover from the work week.

So why all the grind?

Well if you’ve been living under a rock, I’ll inform you that it has become increasingly difficult to live a life (in a large number of places in the world) with just one income. Long gone are the days of a family of four thriving off a one income earner. Heck, a single person most often can’t even survive, let along thrive off a single income. That is of course, unless their income exceeds the average threshold of 75k+ earnings. This still is a misnomer as many single people earning even this much are drowning in a debt load of bills; most likely involving student loans and current housing. Check out this BET special which shows how this student debt crisis has swallowed up the lives of many recent post-graduate students.

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For those not in the student loan repayment game, mere “adulting” in today’s economy has got them roller skating around from job to job trying to make ends meet. With the cost of living doubling over each decade, many are finding it is imperative to land, at the very minimum, a second source of income. No matter how small.

But how long can a person sustain the 2-3 job lifestyle? Is there any point to which it becomes counterproductive to one’s life? Well, I imagine the answer to that is largely based on each individuals set of circumstances. However the case, making a strategic plan for the additional jobs is key. Blindly and haphazardly signing up for a second job just to make a little extra cash can end up causing you to seriously “hate life.” The lack of sleep/rest, family/friend time and simple enjoyment of the day can be a burden no one wants to voluntarily sign up for.

Thus, having intentionality to a 2-3 job hustle is key. Make those extra hours count, by finding high value, high reward income earning opportunities. More work, does not always mean more financial progress. You might end up breaking even or taking a loss if you don’t budget out your time and spend surrounding this second or third job. Spend that includes: gas, food, uniform, additional doggy or childcare expenses, etc. Who knows, it may even be a cost-savings to simply budget tighter and work less.

Ultimately the goal should be to build towards freedom. If any of those second or third jobs do not show actionable results in financial freedom/quality of life I would seriously consider exchanging that Jamaican hustle for the Jamaican beach vibe – No probl’m mon!

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