What is it to Know Someone?

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I know you better than yourself.

I thought I knew them.

I know myself.

I’m sure you’ve heard either of these sentences or a rendition of them uttered at some point in your life. So what is it to know someone? Can anyone person truly 100% know a person? Know themselves?

The other day I got into a debate with a family member, who was adamant that a person can 100% know themselves in their entirety. They stated, while people may not fully acknowledge it to themselves and others who they are, they still 100% know everything about themselves. I countered this viewpoint and stated that I did not think that it was possible for any human being to come to a 100% full knowledge of themselves. I believe taking the former view (of my family member) takes the mystery of self-discovery out of the picture. I don’t believe that any one human being from the dawn of time has ever fully known themselves, nor will any human being until the end of time ever 100% know themselves. Will most come close. Yes. But will any reach a complete knowing. No.

Why do I believe this?

Well, to know something means to understand clearly, to be aware of and have clear information or fact/truth. Based off of this definition alone, it is impossible to fully know anything or anyone. The key word here is fully. Yes, there can and will be levels of knowing or knowledge. You can certainly be aware of many things in your life and about people, but to fully know all there is to know about yourself and people, I believe, takes a lifetime and beyond.

Knowing this, pun intended, why do we get so hung up on when we thought we knew something or someone only to find out later how little or unaware we really were? Can we truly put our hope and trust in our current knowledge of self and others? If so, how then can we allow the evolving nature of life to breathe it’s way into our knowledge sphere to expand our current repertoire? I think it goes back to the formula. By operating in a manner that practices humility to say that I don’t know it all is a great start.

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